Status CallbackΒΆ

RapidSMS can take advantage of Twilio’s status callback. This is useful if you’d like to track the status of a message after it’s been passed to Twilio for processing. Twilio will use a callback URL to notify us. Enabling this feature will allow you to view delivery reports, for each message, in the Django admin.

  1. Make sure rtwilio is in INSTALLED_APPS:

        # other apps

2. Add the callback view to your urlconf. If you are including all of the urls this is already handled for you:

urlpatterns = [
    # ...
    url(r'^backend/twilio/', include('rtwilio.urls')),
  1. Add the necessary database tables:

    python migrate rtwilio
  2. Add the full callback URL to your settings:

        # ...
        # other backends, if any
        "twilio-backend": {
            "ENGINE": "rtwilio.outgoing.TwilioBackend",
            'config': {
                # same as before..
                'callback': 'http://<public-django-instance>/backend/twilio/status-callback/',

You can view delivery reports in the Django admin.